Hiking Georgia, 3rd: A Guide to Georgias Greatest Hiking Adventures (State Hiking Guides Series)

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The trail and parking lot tend to fill up early, especially on weekends, though there is an overflow parking lot that will make the overall hike just a little longer. Trailhead directions: The parking lot and trailhead are located just off Old 41 Highway NW, about 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Here is where you can get your waterfall fix without even having to leave the city to find it. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is located in southeast Atlanta. An easy path departs from the parking lot, leading to the waterfall just 1.

Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for war ruins amidst the woodsy enclaves. You may also spot a turtle or two as you meander along the stream en route to the cascade. The war ruins reflect that this was the site of The Battle of Utoy Creek, which was fought between Confederate soldiers and the approaching Union Army in August of Over soldiers lost their lives here over the course of three bloody days. Just west of the city, Sweetwater Creek State Park offers four miles of trails to hikers looking for a decent workout.

The park is home to historic mill ruins that have stood on the site since the Civil War. Vernon Road, south of I, and enter the park at the signed entrance. Some of the many forested hiking trails along the river include the Sope Creek Trail , a 1. For a more challenging excursion, start at the Powers Island Trailhead and hike to the paper mill ruins and back, an eight-mile trek that passes through both forest and waterside fishing spots.

No matter which hike you choose, at no point will you be asked to spell the name of the recreation area. Pull off onto the access road and find parking near the trailhead. The East Palisades Trail is one of the few trails near Atlanta where you can actually get a bit of incline-driven cardio in as you hike up a set of bulbous bluffs to enjoy city views in one direction and bamboo forest in the other. The views and the journey towards them are worth the effort — especially if your phone camera can take a degree panoramic photo from the top.

Wherever you go. About Advertise with us. Trending Countries. South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Mexico City. You'll drive along rivers, pine forests and alpine meadows and you might even spot a few eagles along the way! It can be scary to drive right next to the steep cliffs, especially when there are oncoming vehicles. The road is predominantly narrow and it requires some great maneuvering skills!

Every year there are cars that tumble into the canyons so it's important that the state of the car's brakes and tires is in optimal condition and that you or your driver is experienced with these type of roads. We got a ride in a Kamaz truck a Russian brand of trucks that was transporting construction materials to Omalo. The driver was very skilled and maneuvered the big truck like a boss! He had to take this road three to four times a week and it was very obvious that he was used to it. Not once did I feel in danger, not even when I saw the steep cliffs right next to me but I can imagine that if you're not used to this kind of driving, it can be nerve-jangling!

Especially when there's a lot of fog and mist due to the Alpine climate. We got very lucky that it was a bright and sunny day. There was only one moment when I was aware of the hazards that this road brings. On our way to Omalo we passed a small group of people standing helplessly around their car. The hood was completely smashed by a big boulder that had rolled down from one of the mountain slopes. They were incredibly lucky that the boulder didn't hit the roof or they wouldn't have been standing there anymore.

Wildlife Considerations

Looking at their baffled faces, they realized the same thing. So don't only pay attention to the road itself but also look out for falling boulders! I can imagine that you might not feel super inspired now to visit Tusheti because of the possible dangers. The chances that something will happen are low.

We even saw some brave cyclists on this road! Trust me when I say that it is worth the thrill and if you don't feel skilled enough to drive on this road yourself, there are plenty of Delica's 4x4 mini-vans with experienced drivers that can take you there. Read more about it in the section How to get to Tusheti. After about four hours on the road you see small villages popping up. Some are inhabited but most are now empty.


Georgia AT-Club Home Page - Georgia Appalachian Trail Club

They were separated from each other by the four gorges that divide the region. Chagma, also called Chachakovani, is the only community that is still densely populated.

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It consist of the villages Diklo, Shenako and Omalo. Omalo is also the largest village of Tusheti. Higher up in the mountains you can find a series of ancient villages such as Dartlo, Chesho, Parsma, Some of these villages like Parsma aren't accessible by car and you'll have to walk or go on horseback to visit these fairy-tale like places. You'll also notice a lot of centuries-old tower fortresses koshkebi between the villages.

They were built on a high hill and were used for communication between the villages during times of invasions or other catastrophes. It was also a great place to attack hostile forces by throwing stones and firing guns at them.

Georgia Travel Guide

You'll also find evidences of both Christian and Pagan religion in the different corners of this spectacular region. Very interesting are the stone shrines or little piles of stones arranged in a ritual design. They are called khati and it's the place where the family's guardian angel used to live.

The khati can be found in every village and is often decorated with the horns of sacrificed goats or sheep and white stones. We visited the khati in Omalo but only later we found out that visitors and women are not permitted to approach khatebi plural for khati as they are sacred places.

So hereby I want to apologize for our ignorance and I hope I didn't offend anyone by visiting a khati! In our defense we came across it when we were looking for a nice camping spot in a nearby little forest and didn't see any signs that we weren't allowed there. The Tushs are traditionally shepherds. The cheese and high quality wool they produced is very famous and got even exported to Europe and Russia.

The women are very talented in knitting and pressing felt. They make socks with some beautiful ornaments, woven carpets and fabrics for clothes. The sheep and cattle breeding are still the leading branch of the economy in the highlands of Tusheti. The shepherds spend the summer months in the highlands but move their cattle and sheep back to the lowland villages in wintertime. The Tushs are therefore known as nomadic people. We also heard that pork is considered taboo in Tusheti. The farmers don't want to raise pigs and visitors are not allowed to bring any pork into the region but I don't know the reasons behind this.

I would definitely recommend anyone to visit Tusheti, even if it's only for the thrilling drive along one of the most beautiful mountain passes to get there! Here is some useful information:. First of all, if you try to look on Google Maps where Tusheti is, you won't find it. Chances are that Google will direct you towards Dusheti , a town near Tbilisi and that's NOT where you want to go we saved a couple of travelers from making this mistake.

The destination you need is called Omalo. From there you can reach the other villages such as Dartlo, Diklo, The Abano pass starts in the small village of Pashvili and it's around 70 km to Omalo.

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It'll take you about 5 hours to get there but don't be in a rush! As I mentioned earlier, it's a dangerous road! Leave as early as possible so you don't end up driving in the dark you really wouldn't want to do this!!! The ride takes at least 5 hours so make sure to arrive in the morning in Alvani.

The cars mostly leave from the central crossroads which is impossible to miss.

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You can take a mashrutka public mini-bus from Telavi to Alvani or from Tbilisi to Alvani. There are also Delica's that go from Tbilisi to Omalo.

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