The Battleship Boys at Sea Two Apprentices in Uncle Sams Navy

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  2. The Battleship Boys at Sea: or, Two Apprentices in Uncle Sam's Navy
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Navy Recruiting 58 x Reuterdahl Courtesy R. Collier, Esq.

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Hartford indicated on a bucket hanging on a hook , with binoculars in one hand while he points to the battle with his other hand H. Ogden Strobridge Litho Co. Kenyon Cox W.

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Miner Litho. Navy Recruiting x Daugherty Composition H. Carey Print Lith. Navy Recruiting Station Image of a civilian male holding a newspaper; he is looking at a sailor who has his hand on the civilian's shoulder and is gesturing with his other hand toward ships in the ocean; behind and above the two men is a female allegorical figure of America, with wings, wearing a Phrygian hat and holding a sword in her right hand and an American flag in her left James Montgomery Flagg H.

Miner Litho, New York, N. Leyendecker Printed by U. Navy Publicity Bureau U. Britton W. New York E. Falls Printed by U.

Navy Recruiting Bureau U. Print, San Francisco, Calif. Navy Recruiting U. Navy Publicity Bureau, New York 57 x Navy Recruiting [U. Navy Publicity Bureau, New York] 57 x Rogers U. Image of a sailor blowing a bugle; sailor is shown from the back; part of an American flag frames the right side of the poster Hazel Roberts U. Navy Recruiting 63 x McLaughlin Louis J. Hewitt Co. Printers, Boston, Mass. Navy "See! Join the Navy! Matthews U. Eight images: 1 "United States Naval Hospital Ship "Solace"; 2 A class in session, hospital corps training school; 3 Ambulance party in the field; 4 Drugs and medical stores; 5 Type of modern battleship of the United States Navy; 6 Class in pharmacy and chemistry laboratory ; 7 Laboratory experimental tests; 8 First aid in the field Navy Publicity Bureau U.

Herbert Meyer U. Sellers, P. Navy Recruiting 52 x Navy life is healthful. City" Image, captioned "Ashore, On Leave," is a smiling sailor carrying a paper-wrapped package and a suitcase stamped "U. Navy Recruiting 71 x Image of four sailors manning an anti-aircraft gun aimed at an airplane; in the lower left-hand corner of the image is a naval officer Wentworth Institute Slav Press Bureau U.

Reuterdahl U. Rogers' cartoon. Tooker Print Co. Navy Recruiting 73 x Graham Company, Lithographers, Washington, D. Gribble U. Navy Plunkett Press of the U. A Chance for You Image is a montage of photoprints related to depth bombing, including that of a ship with a load of depth bombs on its deck Photograph, C. Nightingale, U. Press U. Navy Mobilization Bureau U. Reuterdahl, U.

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Navy Recruiting 35 x Navy Recruiting X Navy Recruiting 28 x Navy Recruiting Station black and white text only; no images U. Navy Publicity Bureau gratefully acknowledges its indebtedness to the Century Company for the reproduction of Mr. Raemakers' cartoon.

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Louis Raemakers Century Co. Navy Publicity Bureau Louis Roesch Co. Navy Recruiting Press U. Navy Recruiting Bureau Navy calendar Two images by H. Navy Recruiting 93 x Carleton Erie Lithograph Co.

The Battleship Boys at Sea: or, Two Apprentices in Uncle Sam's Navy

Civilian Naval Recruiting Association, Chicago Navy League U. Navy League Very rare. Image tipped on poster Image is a sailor saluting, using the German salute; in the background, seen through a porthole, is a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty Rolf Armstrong Knapp Co. Sanborn Pinkham Press, Boston, Mass.

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  5. Navy Recruiting Station … Text is printed so one needs to turn the square into a diamond position Image is a photoprint of a battleship copyrighted E. Muller, Jr. Brangwyn Press U. Recruiting Bureau U. Navy Department Ruttan U. Seibel U. Navy Recruiting 53 x Navy Recruiting Bureau 51 x City of Boston Committee on Public Safety 56 x Navy Recruiting 56 x Clark Eng.

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    Stand firmly behind them until Prussianism and Kaiserism take the final count. The above photograph shows about 2, sailors … Wm. Three images: 1 The Atlantic Fleet firing national gun salute on Washington's birthday; 2 Tents of a division ashore for military training; 3 Greater part of the world's largest small-arms target range U. Naval Training Station, Newport, R.

    Tucker — Destroyer Image is a black-and-white photoprint of the U.

    Secretary Roosevelt, standing next to a desk in an office; insets: 1 Captain J. Ask Him What the Navy Stands for. Reuterdahl Press of U. Navy Recruiting Bureau Navy Recruiting Norman Wilkinson, R.

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    Belknap and Rear Admiral J. Strauss Press of U. Sacramento and Eagle Boat No. Nightingale Press of U. Navy Recruiting Bureau Navy Recruiting 35 x Navy Mobilization Bureau Navy Recruiting Press of U. From Admiral to lamplighter they did their valiant trick … Image is a montage of nine photoprints related to "homecoming"; includes images of the Arizona, the Pennsylvania, Rear Admiral Thomas S.

    ISBN 13: 9781514340165

    LaMertha, U. Navy Photographic Division" Image is a montage of eight images showing men and ships on the way home, including an image taken from high overhead of a boxing match on a ship being watched by many, many sailors W. Every modern invention is eagerly sought by the U. Three images of Navy scout biplanes Press of U. Navy Image is a montage of seven photoprints related to shipboard hospital care, including an image of the U. Mercy Navy Recruiting 35 x Cargo ships need officers and the navy is making them.

    The Opportunity Is Yours. Idaho with an inset of, presumably Captain Carl T. Note the steadiness and poise of the gun crew, as if at drill instead of in actual combat. Image is a photoprint of the gun crew at work Lieut. Navy Recruiting Bureau N. Recruiting Poster No. Medical Department U. Army Copyright by "Military Training Camps Association" 69 x Army Signal Corps x Aderente x Come on, Boys!

    Image of vicious-looking monumental-size black cat with claws extended and teeth bared springing over several army tanks August Hutaf United States Tank Corps 35 x 28 tear Box 6. All those who long to wear our country's coat must seriously search their hearts today. Army Recruiting 36 x 28 Box 6.